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Kerry Carron

My name is Kerry Carron and I have had a knack for graphics, layout, and design since being introduced to some of their applications during my high school journalism classes. Sometime around 2000, I realized that I really enjoyed working on my computer and thought that there had to be a way that I could use my computer to develop some kind of work from home business. Shortly thereafter, I began to dabble with web site creation.

I also found WordPress. As I became more and more familiar with WordPress and it’s powerful applications, some of my friends started asking, and then paying me to build or upgrade their WordPress websites. I soon realized most of my friends really did not want or have time to learn HOW to do it, they just knew that they needed a website and they were willing to pay me for it. I started to think that this was the answer for me to be able to work from home.

It did not take long to realize I had finally found my passion in web site design and development. Since then, I have spent endless hours working on my computer (just ask my family) and educating myself about web site promotion, installation, setup, design, development, and internet marketing.

At the end of August 2009 when my employer dissolved my position (at a job that had nothing to do with computers, web site promotion and internet marketing), I was let go. I resolved that there was no better time than at that moment to begin working from home and build a business. I immediately focused my energy on ways to help others achieve their website needs while putting my own computer use and knowledge to use and turned what had been a passionate hobby into my business.

I was like many of you who still have this simple wish, “I wish I knew how to build my own site.”

The Ultimate Solution can teach you that …and so much more! And it’s our goal to share our knowledge with you at a pace that you are comfortable with.