Our Custom Site Process

Custom WordPress Sites Terms of Service

Design Specifications and Requirements

Custom WordPress Sites are designed and completed according to your specifications and requirements provided by you on the project proposal request form and from details acquired during any project proposal consultation discussions. Being as specific as possible on the Custom WordPress Sites project proposal request form for your design requirements will help us to provide you the most accurate proposal. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of Custom WordPress Sites.

1-on-1 Project Proposal Consultation

Custom WordPress Sites highly recommends taking advantage of the Custom WordPress Sites 1-on-1 project proposal consultation. Upon request (on your project proposal request form), Custom WordPress Sites will schedule a 1-on-1 project proposal consultation. After the consultation, you will be invoiced for $90. Upon receipt of your $90 payment, Custom WordPress Sites will continue evaluating your project using details collected during the consultation as well as from on your order form and provide you with a detailed project proposal. The $90 fee will be deducted from your overall project fee and be reflected in your project proposal from Custom WordPress Sites.

Custom WordPress Sites accepts Payments online via PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account in order to pay via credit card. Custom WordPress Sites also provides invoice billing via email which you may choose to remit via US Mail if you prefer. Custom WordPress Sites will accept business checks, bank checks, and money orders.

Completion Times

The completion time frame for your project is only an estimate. Custom WordPress Sites will strive to accomplish your project as quickly as possible, however, completion time frames can be affected by unforeseen factors and may result in a later delivery date than originally estimatedTypically, Custom WordPress Sites projects are divided into two, 14-21 business days, phases divided into payment installments. Custom WordPress Sites’ schedules the work for your project upon receipt of each installment. The first payment is due upon acceptance of the proposal – with the remaining payment installments due prior to the next phase of work beginning. Your proposal will list your project’s specific work requirements for each phase of the project. Custom WordPress Sites will schedule a review with you after the completion of each phase.

Custom WordPress Sites will consider “Rush” orders, however, all “Rush” orders incur a 45% markup – this increase covers Custom WordPress Site’s overtime required in order to complete a “Rush” order in the time frame you require.

Custom WordPress SitesCustom WordPress Sites Process

The following is a guideline of the basic process that Custom WordPress Sites will take during the design and develop of your site.

After phase 1 installment has been received:

  1. Development of the overall concept and layout of your design work, based on the specifications and requirements that you provided in the order form you fill out. This phase may also require further communication with you for any additional clarification. It is important to know that Custom WordPress Sites design and develop based on the specifications and requirements provided by you (i.e. color scheme, number of columns in the layout, use of artwork/imagery, etc). It is important for you to be as specific as possible on your original request. Revisions can incur additional fees and delay delivery.
  2. Custom WordPress Sites will create any needed custom graphics that make up the foundation of your blog design, including the header graphics, any navigational graphics, button, banners, etc. as specified on your order form.
  3. Your site will be built using the WordPress platform on a development domain that we own.
  4. Custom WordPress Sites will provide you with a web address reflecting the design work for your project based on the specifications that you have provided on the order form and any consultation.
  5. Custom WordPress Sites designs and develops your site in a live environment on a development domain on our servers. We implement full testing in an optimal environment prior to the final launch of your domain.

After phase 2 installment has been received:

  1. Should a second design concept be needed, you may either build and expand upon the original concepts presented by Custom WordPress Sites, or you can request a completely different look and feel. Your project proposal includes a maximum of two design concepts to create the visual look and feel that is desired. Further revisions will incur additional fees and possibly delay final delivery.
  2. Near the completion of your project, you will receive an email from Custom WordPress Sites or The Ultimate Solution, LLC with all necessary login information to the admin area of the project. The project will be a fully functional site set up for you to review in a ‘live’ and an optimal environment. Please use this time to test your site – click around and see how the different elements look, feel and work together.
  3. Once we have received approval from you on your new site design in our environment – Custom WordPress Sites will schedule your Site Release and Final Review dates at mutually agreed times.

Final Review and Release

  1. Custom WordPress Sites will move and release the custom site design to your domain on your Site Release date.
  2. Custom WordPress Sites does understand that your environment may not be as optimal as our development area – the reason behind our Final Review appointment.
  3. During your Final Review, Custom WordPress Sites will review your site in your environment with you, provide you with 1-on-1 training, any site instructions and a backup of your site.
  4. Custom WordPress Sites is available to provide design fixes, updates and changes up to three (3) days* after your Final Review date. If your project is more than three (3) days past the Final Review – fixes, updates and changes will incur additional fees billed at our normal hourly rate or via a separate proposal.
  5. This process constitutes the completion of your project proposal with Custom WordPress Sites.
*Why Only 3 days:
Custom WordPress Sites reviews the site with you in your environment during the Final Review appointment. After the release and setup of your project in your environment, Custom WordPress Sites has no knowledge of any modifications or changes being made to the site and therefore cannot be responsible for breaks beyond our control. Please do let us know within 3 days of any problems you come across so we can address them efficiently.

Custom WordPress Sites Additional Services and Site Information

After Site Release and Final Review

Custom WordPress Sites can provide additional services after your Site Release and Final Review at our normal hourly rate or via fees stipulated in a separate proposal for:

  • any changes to the site (beyond true bugs) after the approved, final product is launched on your domain
  • any requested changes/modifications that were not included in the original proposal.

or if:

  • Your site breaks after an upgrade to the software you are using.
  • Your site breaks after you add new plugins or features to your site that weren’t included in the original project
  • A new browser upgrade breaks your site (i.e. a browser version that didn’t exist during the creation of your theme).
  • Your site breaks and you’ve made changes or alterations to the code
  • Your site gets hacked, or otherwise compromised and you’ve lost your theme files due to a lack of backups
Site Compatibility
Your site will be tested for compatibility of the current release in the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Site designs are tested both on the Windows PC and Mac operating systems. Unless specifically requested, and purchased, by the client, we do not code for browsers older than the current release. In addition, we do not code for browsers still in Beta testing. Please note that all browsers are not capable of “seeing” all CSS style, for example, rounded corners.

Images on Your Site

Most of the images used in our site designs are obtained from free stock photo/imagery websites that allow a royalty-free license; or from stock photography/illustration sites where the original image is purchased with a limited license – the cost of which is included in the quote we’ve provided to you, up to $20 per project – any imagery fees beyond that will be billed to the client at the start of the project.

The use of any non-licensed imagery is the sole responsibility of the client. Clients who provide images to us for use in their project assume the risk of liability for the use of those images. When in doubt, contact the original artist of the image for permission before providing it for us to use in your design project.

Custom Images

In regards to custom graphic, template and logo work you’ve purchased through Custom WordPress Sites (the non-stock art, royalty-free images from outside sources) – the rights for all works, templates, photographs, graphics and images that are created for your project by Custom WordPress Sites remains the intellectual property of Custom WordPress Sites.

You may use those images and renderings on your personal website, blog or home computer as long as proper copyright is noted. You may not alter, transform, or build upon those images in any way. These items are not licensed for commercial use, profit or redistribution – please contact us for information in regards to commercial licensing (ie: use for print advertising, t-shirts, merchandise, etc).

Software, Plugin and Theme Support

It is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain support from the software company for the software program you are using to power your site and/or blog.

Custom WordPress Sites does not provide ongoing technical support for any added software programs, plugins or themes. Custom WordPress Sites will provide you with useful links to the software, plugin or theme knowledge base, support forums or other online documentation that may be helpful in getting you started using the software, plugins or themes you have chosen.

Custom WordPress Sites can also help you to schedule 1-on-1 training sessions for most software programs, plugins, and themes.

You can also find other resources for your entire online business development at The Ultimate Solution.

Software, Plugin and Theme Licensing

It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT TO OBTAIN PROPER LICENSING with the use of any software program, plugin or theme. Custom WordPress Sites installs the programs, plugins or themes that best fits the need of your site according to your specifications. For your site to function as desired, there may be additional and/or recurring licensing fees.

Ask Custom WordPress Sites about providing ongoing maintenance plans for your plugin and theme licensing. Plans are customized for each client’s needs.

WordPress Platform Requirements

When clients contact Custom WordPress Sites for site installation and set up, we assume that the client has already researched the requirements for running a WordPress site on their server. Please double-check the minimum requirements needed to run your site on your server. If necessary, contact your host to make sure that they can support the requirements stated in the documentation.

Custom WordPress Sites: WordPress Requirements

Hosting Service

After spending the time to develop your site – Custom WordPress Sites will not be responsible if your hosting plan doesn’t support WordPress. Refunds will not be made in the event that Custom WordPress Sites finds that we cannot install the program on your account. The client is responsible for researching the requirements for WordPress upfront. If you have questions regarding your hosting environment, please be sure to ask us when you place your order – we can assist with making an evaluation on whether or not your hosting environment meets the minimum requirements to run WordPress.

Custom WordPress Sites can provide hosting services that do meet the requirements for WordPress should you need or want this service.

Site Integrity

The client assumes all responsibility for their files and templates. Custom WordPress Sites does keep a backup copy of your files during the design and development of your site. After the project is moved to your domain it is your responsibility to backup your files and templates in case of emergency.

Custom WordPress Sites will provide you with a zip file of the final project files, including plugins and themes at the time of your project completion. The zipped file will allow you to restore your site design to its original state, should you ever need it.

Custom WordPress Sites can also arrange for regular site integrity checks as an additional service.


Custom WordPress Sites reserves the right to use project details for promotional material, our portfolio and client testimonial, project case studies for education, training and promotional reasons.

Exclusive rights may be available for purchase. Please inquire.

Refund Policy

Once Custom WordPress Sites begins work on your project, any refund will be pro-rated. Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Custom WordPress Sites will retain fees to cover any work completed from the time of scheduling work through the time of your termination request. Custom WordPress Sites make every effort to work with you to ensure that payment terms are handled fairly and in a timely manner.

Custom WordPress Sites terms are subject to change without notice