We offer retainer packages designed for you and your needs. Our goal is to provide quality work at a fair price.

What is expected of you:

  • Minimum 3-month subscription (unless upgrading).
  • Submit specific tasks, questions or problems through our ticketing system.
  • Include the website address (URL) in your ticket.
  • Clearly define your requirements.
  • Provide any priorities.
  • Define any deadlines.
  • Provide needed account credentials.

What you can expect from US:

  • We will complete tasks, answer questions and solve website or website related problems as needed.
  • Tasks should be completed within two weeks. Deadlines within 2 weeks may be requested.*
  • Questions are typically addressed within 24-48 hours via our ticket system.
  • Problems always require diagnostics. Some problems require more extensive diagnostics that can take more time to identify and resolve.*
  • Retainer service is NOT designed to be per hour work. You will not receive documentation of how time was spent. We have found that providing this type of documentation simply wastes time that we could be working on solving problems, questions, or tasks.
  • Retainer 3 services (the 3 indicates the maximum number of hours of work we will perform each month) start at around $120/month. Additional Retainer services (incrementally adjusted) are available to meet your needs.

*Additional costs may be incurred. Any additional cost will be fully explained and coordinated with clients prior to any charges being assessed and may be billed separately at our hourly rates ($75.00/hour).

What we can do together:

  • Keep communication channels open.
  • Coordinate clearly and concisely as needed.
  • Schedule appointments as needed to review your needs and usage, make any subscription adjustments and/or to set up new subscription amounts.

Choose Retainer Subscription Amount and Pay