Exclusive Ultimate Solution Hosting Blueprint

Ultimate Solution HostingUltimate Solution Hosting is more than just hosting – we add value to your website and your business.

Monitoring and maintaining servers are typically tasks that any reputable hosting company provides. But monitoring and updating the servers is only one piece of the security risk reduction puzzle.

Outdated platforms, themes, and plugins are the number one security risk for websites nowadays.

Web site monitoring and updating – the upkeep of the platform, themes, and plugins that reside on the servers and allows the websites to function properly is an integral piece of the security risk reduction puzzle.

The problem is that website monitoring and update tasks are ultimately the website owner’s responsibility and most website owners don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to address any number of errors that may arise during the process.

Ultimate Solution Hosting is the piece of the puzzle that connects server monitoring and updating with website monitoring and updating. Our ongoing services keep your website secure and performing optimally.

  • Ultimate Solution HostingDedicated servers.
  • Strict server management rules.
  • High end, reliable, reputable and routine server maintenance and upgrades.
  • Website security implemented during site development or upon your site being moved to our servers.
  • 24/7/365 uptime monitoring.
  • 24/7/365 website source code change integrity verification.
  • DDoS attack protection.
  • Scheduled scan checks of all files, comments, and posts for unsafe web resources.
  • Malware scans.
  • Daily website inspections.
  • Mandatory server domain limits.
  • Individually assigned domain cPanels.
  • Remote storage of daily, weekly and monthly cPanel backups.
  • Redundant remote location storage of weekly full website (including database) backups.

We personally know and trust each of our developers and clients and we ensure that every website on our server is being maintained with high standards and cutting-edge techniques.

Our parent hosting company continually monitors and regularly updates our servers. Keeping things up to date, even up at the server level, reduces security risks and the likelihood of server infections or security breaches.

Our teams of developers are responsible for managing each server using the same set of unique and intentional rules to monitor, update and secure each of our client’s sites on our servers.

In general, WordPress security out-of-the-box is okay, but by implementing a bit of customization Ultimate Solution Hosting makes it even better and super-strong.

We always know the status of your website. When, and if, a site goes down we are able to take immediate action to ensure it is back online as soon as possible. Typically, if a site goes down, we have everything back to normal before our clients even have a chance to send an email.

The highest security risk website owners have is when a website is not up to date. By checking for updates and making upgrades on a daily basis we can ensure your website is as secure as possible, every day.

Ultimate Solution Hosting ensures that all the sites on the server will have the resources they need to load and display quickly.

Having websites on their own cPanel protects the integrity of individual websites by removing websites from a single point of failure. Individual cPanels also reduce the chance of viral cross contamination in the event of another’s website compromise.

Additional storage of the cPanel backups. We believe in redundancy, so you can rest easy knowing that a copy of your website cPanel backup is also kept in a remote and secure location should you need it.

In addition to the cPanel backups, our developers also schedule regular backups of your website files and databases. Each developer is responsible for a particular set of client websites and their backup storage.

The Value of Ultimate Solution Hosting

Ultimate Solution Hosting and Security IntegrityOur developers have a direct working business relationship and personal interaction with each of their clients. We know the types of websites our clients are hosting on our servers and trust the integrity of our developers to maintain our high standards.

But beyond our high-quality hosting, website upkeep, and online security service, the Ultimate Solution places value on developing only win-win business relationships.

We work together with our clients to become part of their business strategy by providing high-quality hosting and website upkeep – adding value to their websites and businesses while protecting their online business assets.

The greatest return on investment from Ultimate Solution Hosting is knowing that we are working with you toward the success of your businesses.

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