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Step 1:

Find a Domain Name

Ultimate Solution DomainsThe process begins with you finding a domain name. This is something you can do on your own or we can do it for you. Find out more…


Step 2:


Ultimate Solution - HostingYou will need a server to host your domain. We have hosting options with US, through US with one of our hosting partners or you can do this yourself out side of the US site.


Step 3:

Site Installation

Ultimate Solution - InstallationYou will need to install a site platform. We use and recommend WordPress. WordPress has evolved to much more than just a blogging platform and is one of the most poplar platforms on the internet. We can install your website or blog for you or we can help you to learn to do it yourself.


Step 4:

Web Design & Development

Ultimate Solution - WebsitesDetermine how many and what kinds of website pages, blog posts, forum, e-commerce, etc. you want and need to make your website or blog do what you want and need it to do. We offer 1-on-1 instruction or done for you design and development to help you understand your website.


Step 5:

Add Content

Ultimate Solution - ContentFill your site with your site’s information (content). If you don’t want or simply don’t have time to add your content yourself, you can have US add your content for you.


Step  6:

Site Security & Maintenance

Ultimate Solution - IntegrityPreventative maintenance keeps your site more secure and is much less expensive than fixing a hack. 1-on-1 instructional guidance from US can show you how to set up the basics. Consider using US professional security and integrity services to check regularly for your security risk and send you updates.