Step 5: Add Content


Although organization and function of your website or blog is important, adding and providing unique and useful content is probably the most critical. You may have heard the phrase that content is king. The fact is that content is the one thing that keeps your readers coming back for more. You HAVE to provide your sites users and readers with the very best content.

There are a number of resources available to be able to provide great content to your users. All of them work and all of them are legitimate. And like most everything else, there are pros and cons when using any resource, technique or method. Only you can determine which one or combination of resources will work best for your website or blog.

1. Write your own content

There are many site owners and bloggers who write their own content. This method is FREE. It will cost you absolutely nothing (except for your time) to write your own content.

2. Use articles from article directory sites

Writers submit their articles for distribution to other websites and blogs. Directory content is completely free but you will be required to incorporate all of the original links. It can also be published and republished by many people on many websites and blogs.

3. Use freelance writers

Freelance writers use competitive bidding systems. You post your project need and the writers bid to be awarded your project. The systems are designed to influence writers to charge bargain prices for their work and thus potentially saving you a lot of money. Keep in mind though that cheaper may not always be better.

4. Use private label rights (PLR) articles

PLR content has been written by others. Typically, when purchased you are granted the right to use the content as if it were your own. The same PLR material is sold to numerous buyers making it less exclusive but an affordable option for many.  There are many creative ways to makes it more unique.

5. Hire a private writer

Hiring a private writer is much like working with a freelance writer but without the bidding systems. You pick and pay for the writer of your choice. Your content will be written specifically and only for you but there is a potential trade off of your costs typically being higher.

6. Outsource

Outsourcing your work is often the answer for many website and blog owners. It can be like the best of all worlds. Your result is completely unique content that you get to call your own. You do pay for others to write your content similar to private writers but because the writers can also write for others, like freelance writers, your costs are kept to a minimum. You can find both American writers and Filipino writers who are completely qualified to write in proper English.

It s logical to conclude that if you have new and fresh content being supplied on a regular basis then you are likely having your readers return on a regular basis. In addition, the new users coming to your site will find the new and useful content, become interested in you and your site and then they become return readers as well. The cycle continues, your popularity grows and you and your business are successful.