Step 4: Design and Development

Ultimate Solution - WebsitesOrganizing your website is a two part process – design and development. Before you can begin the process of design and development, you must know what the purpose of your website is.

Website Design

Once you have established the purpose of your site, then you can decide how you want your site to look and feel. This is the design side of organization. The design is most important to your visitors, the people that come to your website. What your visitors see and how your visitors feel when they visit your site is all part of the design aspect.

A good design will make the flow or the route that your visitors take through your content an enjoyable experience. Intimately understanding and having a very clear picture the workings of the design of your website is very important to the development side of the site.

Website Development

The development of your website is the piecing together of all the technical aspects of the site in order to have your design function as planned. The development defines how and where you add things to your website through the admin area (known as the “back-end” of your website). It also defines how the data you enter eventually gets to where you need the data to display on the front-end (where your visitors see it when the visit your website).

Website design and development is probably the most intricate part of building your online business besides running the business itself. It can be the most fascinating part of having an online business, while at the same time you will find  it is often the most frustrating. Many entrepreneurs use website design and development as an entire business by itself.

Do It Yourself

The “do it yourself” method of website design and development is by far the least expensive monetarily. You can find everything you need (for free) online already. It is just a matter of doing the “due diligence” to locate, research, choose and implement the information you find throughout the internet. This however, will likely also take up a large amount of your time and it may not leave you time to be working your business.

Teaching and Tutoring Services

Taking lessons to learn how to do some of your own design and development allows you to learn to do selective things by yourself, thus leaving you the time you need to be dedicating to your business.

When you take lessons from US, we help you as much or as little as you like. We have some clients that prefer to just watch us do the work so they can see how it is done. Others prefer we hold their hand while they do the work and we guide them through the tasks.¬† We have experience working with all skill levels and promise to use words you’ll understand. Our instructors will custom tailor their teaching method to match your learning method.

Using teaching and tutoring services will save you the time of researching and sorting through all of the information that is available on the internet while giving you the control to know exactly what is being done, and when.

Done For You Services

If you find that you are not interested in doing your own design and development, you may hire US to do the work for you. Our done for your services can be as little time as a single hour, blocks of pre-paid time or project pricing. We offer technical assistance, custom and retainer work. Heck, we will even do nontechnical work if that is what you need done for you. We work with our clients to design a done for you plan that works with your needs and your budget.

The Ultimate Solution also has a web design and development division called Custom WordPress Sites. Custom WordPress Sites showcases some of our past work in a slideshow and has a detailed page outlining our basic custom site project process if you choose a done for you type of service.

Custom WordPress Sites