Step 3: Site Installation

Ultimate Solution - InstallationWordPress is simple to install if you have the knowledge and understanding needed. Unfortunately, simple is not always easy. Sometimes newbies (novice users) spend many, many hours attempting to set up a WordPress website. Most find the technical jargon a bit overwhelming.

What is important is that you find the method of installation that works best for you. Whatever you decide, please know that you can count on US for support along the way.

Done For You WordPress Installations

Let The Ultimate Solution remove any of your technical website or internet skill worries. Herewith US, we offer a WordPress website or blog installation service with an extra layer of basic security during your installation.

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WordPress Installation With a Little Help

Maybe you have tried to install WordPress by yourself, or maybe you don’t even want to bother trying without a little more hands-on help. Then our 1-on-1 instruction is exactly what you need. Feel free to contact US and schedule an appointment. We are happy to help and can accommodate you with our stellar hands-on approach to training to get your website or blog installed.

Let US help you overcome your online challenges.

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If you are an existing client, please visit our availability calendar and schedule your appointment.

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Do It Yourself WordPress Installation

We always encourage self-education and hope to motivate you to try and do things yourself. We believe there is no better way to learn than by doing. Even though you may find some of that technical jargon along the way, with guidance from US, we can help you through the WordPress handy guide and the famous five-minute install.

We won’t guarantee that it will only take you five minutes but we can tell you, with confidence, that after going through our steps you will have a much deeper understanding of the WordPress installation process and will have some core information that you will be able to use both during and after your website installation.

Don’t worry, working with US, we provide you all of the information you need to learn to really be able to do it yourself.